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Episode 172-"Mental Health in Kids " Guest: Erica Komisar

Episode Summary

There is a mental health crisis in America that has a lot of parents worried. Afraid they may not see a mental health issue in their own kids, they are also concerned about the friends their kids are spending time with who may have a mental health issue that could, in turn, affect the health and well being of their own child.

Episode Notes

Clinical social worker, psychoanalyst and parent guidance expert Erica Komisar joins Dr. Meeker to discuss the alarming mental health crisis in America today. How have we come to the place where teenage boys walk into schools and shoot people? How did that evolve? What are the contributing factors to mental health issues in kids today? What are the responsibilities of parents, and what are some common mistakes that parents make regarding the mental health of their children?


The physical, emotional, hormonal and societal challenges that kids are facing today can be overwhelming. But there are things that a parent can do to help ensure a secure foundation for their children. Erica Komisar explains how parents can help their children better cope with loss, rejection, and disappointment – feelings that often lead to anxiety, depression and other deeper mental health issues. Additionally, Dr. Meg and Erica discuss the all-important topic of how we as parents must not be blind to our own mental health, and how we must stop using our kids as a dumping ground for our own issues. This episode is a must-listen!

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