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Episode #171 - "Nutrition & Kids: What You Don’t Want to Overlook" Guest: Dr. Marie Seiler

Episode Summary

Dr. Marie Seiler, a pediatrician recently retired from practice after 35 enjoyable years of caring for children and their caregivers, joins Dr. Meg on the podcast to discuss the all-important topic of kids and nutrition. Listen in as Dr. Seiler shares healthy nutrition and supplement tips for kids, starting from birth and up.

Episode Notes

Kids and nutrition – this may sound like an oxymoron! With the astounding number of food options available today, especially all of the processed items cloaked in clever and colorful packaging, designed to entice children of all ages, how can parents be sure their children are getting the proper nutrition that they need? A critical part of health and development, better nutrition is related to stronger immune systems, lower risk of non-communicable diseases, and longevity. Healthy children learn better, and kids with adequate nutrition are more productive in school, and at play. Some topics covered in this episode include:


·   Vitamin D: Is this supplement suggested for breast-fed babies? Formula-fed babies?

·   Which supplements/minerals are most needed, and at what age should kids begin taking them?

·   Which mineral specifically helps with anxiety, and is a good source of relaxation for children?

·   What is a common misunderstanding when it comes to giving children milk? 

·   Handling the picky eater who doesn’t want to eat healthy foods

·   Cooking healthy meals doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming! Learn how to simplify.

·   Why family connection during meals is vitally important to the formation of children

·   Substitute healthy snacks for processed ones (which are full of chemicals and actually harm our children)

·   How setting a good precedent for kids in terms of healthy eating begins with parents



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