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Episode #170 - "Raising Emotionally Strong Boys" Guest: David Thomas

Episode Summary

What would it look like to raise a generation of boys who see vulnerability as a strength, and prioritizing their mental health as wisdom? David Thomas, author and director of family counseling at Daystar Counseling in Nashville, TN, joins Dr. Meg to discuss his newest book, Raising Emotionally Strong Boys, sharing helpful tools to help parents learn how to teach their sons to develop emotional capacity.

Episode Notes


Boys need to be coached in the hard work of building emotional muscles. For many boys, the muscles are simply weak or underdeveloped. But weak muscles can get stronger with work. Building emotional muscles is some of the most important, yet most neglected, work in a boy’s journey to manhood. Impacting his everyday life as a son, brother, student, athlete, and friend, these muscles will define who he will become as a husband, father, friend and coworker. Guest David Thomas shares in simple yet profound detail how boys can develop the 3 R’s (Recognize, Regulate & Repair) -- Much like a car’s dashboard, they can pay attention to emotional signals that come along, and how the proper response can keep them from facing further damage down the road.





Helping boys find their way to the full experience of being human and being fully masculine is what guest David Thomas is aiming for in all his work. Dr. Meg and David Thomas continue their candid conversation, discussing topics such as:

·   What is the value of allowing your son to feel discomfort?

·   Do violent video games have an effect on the emotions and actions of a boy?

·   How does technology affect boys?

·   The connection between “healthy risk” and why boys seem to be less passionate about masculine things than in the past generations


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